Trucking Accidents
Types of Injuries


Truck accidents or crashes as we prefer to call them usually result in more serious injuries than car accidents. The reason is the weight of the trucks and trailers and their speed. When you add these two factors together, a typical car and the passengers inside don't stand a chance against a fully loaded semi truck driving at the speed limit, or over the speed limit. 

Many types of injuries result from crashes involving cars and trucks.

Some of the most typical are Neck and Back injuries. These injuries occur due to the sheer forces that result from the high speed and weight of the impact on a passenger vehicle and sudden acceleration and deceleration. Neck and Back injuries, sometimes referred to as "soft tissue" injuries because there are no broken bones vary in severity and can result in life-long pain and suffering. For more information on Back and Neck injuries, follow the link to find more information to help you understand the different types of neck and back injuries that can be caused by truck accidents in Oklahoma City.

Another category of injuries that is related to head and neck but can be much more severe are traumatic brain injuries. These injuries occur due to the sheer forces that result from the high speed and weight of the impact on a passenger vehicle. Traumatic brain injuries vary in severity, from mild concussive type injuries (mTBI) to actual midline shifts and contusions or displacement of the brain tissue.  For more information on traumatic brain injuries, follow the link to the Traumatic Brain Injury page to find information to help you understand the different types of brain injuries that can be cause by truck accidents in Oklahoma City.

Spinal cord injuries starting from the brain stem all the way down a person's vertebral column to the sacrum and coccyx spine can result from the forces in a high impact truck crash. Everything from rotational injuries to torn and ruptured discs, to actual breaks in the spinal column can result once again from the extreme forces generated when an 80,000 pound truck and trailer crashes into a passenger car, motorcycle, or pedestrian. More in-depth information about specific types of spinal cord injuries can be found through our link to the pages.

Some collisions are so severe that they cause a person to lose a limb and have to endure an amputation injury for the rest of their life, or even result in partial or complete neck down paralysis. More information about truck accident amputations and paralysis can be found on the Amputations and Paralysis pages.

Finally, worst of all, some people are unable to survive the forces of the impact with the 18 wheeler. Sometimes, Big truck accidents can result in Wrongful Death Claims. We are there for your family when a friend or loved one is killed due to a trucking accident or crash and we help you with the legal details and filings that must be made to protect your loved one's interests, while your family has time to begin the healing and grieving process. We stand with you- Semper Paratus "Always Ready" from the moment you first call us to the minute we complete your case. See more details on our wrongful death page and where to start when you need us most.

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