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After you read this article, you may never see a car wreck the same way again.


We have all heard the defense lawyer trying to convince a jury that "accidents happen" The avoidance of responsibility and accountability is always amazing. That is like saying "my car" just ran that red light on its own, or "my car" decided to let me drive after drinking too much! We all know that in the real world, that is just not possible. At least for the present time, cars cannot think on their own without someone behind the wheel making conscious choices. Think about the last time you saw a trucking collision on the highway or a car wreck at an intersection. Was it just an accident, or did someone choose to run the red light? Was the trucker driving too fast, was he too tired to be driving at all? When you look at a collision you will find that there is always a root cause- somewhere or somehow there is a system failure. When you look hard enough and dig deeply enough you will always find a human or mechanical error. The driver ran a red light because she was distracted by texting on her smart phone. The semi-truck driver was too tired to be driving but because his company put profits over people's safety, he was so tired he caused mayhem on the highway. The next time you come upon a wreck, think about the system failure- the root cause, and now that you understand why "accidents don't happen" you may never see a collision the same way again!