Are Truck Accident Lawyers
the same as
Personal Injury Lawyers?


The simple answer is no - Full Time truck accident lawyers devote their entire law firm resources to helping victims of trucking accidents, something most "personal injury" law firms cannot claim. Personal injury firms handle everything from dog bites to product and drug recalls to slip and falls in the grocery store. Full Time Truck Accident Attorneys working only on trucking accidents day in and day out have the knowledge about the trucking industry needed to effectively work on the most difficult trucking cases.

The "Full Time" Truck Accident Lawyer Difference

Most attorneys have never had a reason to go inside the cab of an 18 wheeler, much less ever conducted a pre-trip inspection from the front of the tractor all the way to the back to the sliding tandems under the rear end of the trailer. When you need a lawyer for your commercial motor vehicle (CMV) semi-truck case, it is important to make sure they have had the legal training both in the courtroom and trucking school training and continuing education outside the courtroom to know and understand the safe operation of a (CMV). It is also important that your lawyer has a thorough knowledge of the trucking industry and understands all the moving parts associated with getting goods delivered from point A to point B and all the people and companies who are responsible and accountable for getting these big trucks from the loading dock to final destination safely. Just like your heart doctor understands all the parts of the heart, an experienced "Full Time" trucking attorney understands semi-trucks because they have performed the inspections, have driven semi-tractor trailers, and have studied the regulations and laws that this highly regulated industry relies on for safe operation. 

Truck Accidents are NOT the same as car accidents

Truck accidents––accidents between passenger vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians and commercial motor vehicles or semi-trucks––are very different. These crashes can result in some of the worst motor vehicle accidents on the road. The risk of severe, life-threatening injuries and life altering injuries is always higher when an 18 Wheeler is involved.

Some of the reasons these crashes almost always result in serious life-altering injuries are:

Most light passenger cars don't stand a chance against a fully loaded semi at highway speeds.

Fully loaded Semi trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, compared to passenger vehicles, with most weighing just a few thousand pounds.

Single trailer rigs can be 70 feet long, with double and triple rigs being even longer.

When you have 80,000 pounds moving at 65 miles per hour it takes hundreds of feet to come to a stop.

The forces involved when commercial motor vehicles weighing tens of thousands of pounds hit a passenger car, motorcycle, or pedestrian and multiplied by the speed many times and almost always result in carnage and catastrophic injuries.

When road conditions are bad with ice or snow, truck drivers must take the proper precautions and slow down or get off the road until conditions improve.

Injured parties must file strong, smart personal injury or wrongful death claims to receive fair and just compensation. At Mark Wilson Law, we know that monetary compensation will never fully make you whole, or your family whole again, but it will help pay bills and reduce some stress so that you and your loved ones can work at regaining control of your lives again.

Our personal injury and truck injury attorneys in Oklahoma will thoroughly investigate the truck accident and guide you through the process of a 18-Wheeler injury or wrongful death claim. We understand what is at stake and put all our resources towards a successful end. Contact our office at 844-652-4878 today to schedule a free initial consultation. 

Why Hire a "Truck Accident" Attorney in Oklahoma?

Simply put, hiring an experienced truck accident attorney after your accident gives you the best possible chance of ending up with a good outcome in a very bad situation. Numerous parties may be liable for your injuries, and an experienced attorney from Mark Wilson Law will be able to identify those parties and determine how best to pursue compensation. The introduction of these other parties, as well as the complicated web of statutes and regulations, means that pursuing a claim requires a special level of expertise, more than the regular personal injury attorneys who handle car accidents and slip and falls. The bottom line is this - There is a reason we don't handle dog bites, trip and falls at amusement parks, and every call that comes into our office. We spend out time learning the most up to date ways to help our truck accident clients get the compensation they deserve. This takes dedication to focus an entire law practice on just one area - Trucking Accidents. There are very few lawyers willing to invest the time and energy it takes to study the trucking laws, attend the continuing education classes all across the country, and to actually take the time to attend truck driving school and what it takes to inspect and drive an 18-Wheelers.

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At Mark Wilson Law, we focus our entire law practice on representing clients who were involved in a trucking accidents. When someone has a traumatic brain injury, we believe our clients are better served by attorneys who understand what it takes to represent clients who are seriously hurt in because of an 18-wheeler accident. We understand the laws established by the Federal government and adopted by the State of Oklahoma, and will make sure that each party who is liable is held accountable. You don't have to face this alone--–call today to schedule your free consultation. 844-652-4878

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At Mark Wilson Law, we focus our injury practice on Trucking Accidents, Injuries, and wrongful death caused by the negligence of Semi-Truck companies and poorly managed truck drivers. We are always ready to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system while you recover and your family heal from the catastrophic injuries which almost always result from Trucking Accidents.

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