Slip, Trip, and Fall Injuries

Slip, trip, and Fall injuries happen every minute of every day. Fortunately, many people are able to fully recover without the need to hire a lawyer and go through the legal system. Some types of falls are a result of spilled liquids on the flooring or outdoor walkways, defective sidewalks, improperly constructed walkways or stairways, poor lighting conditions, or cluttered areas around entrances or exits.

The owner of property owes a duty to those who are invited onto their property to warn the "invitees" of dangerous conditions. We have all seen the "wet floor" sign at the grocery store or big box store. This is the warning to watch out for a dangerous condition. When the owner does not warn and a fall occurs, they may be liable for any harm that comes to the invitees or guests on their property. Most of the time when someone has fallen at a commercial property, we find that simple safety rules have been ignored and the result is a devastating injury that could have been avoided if someone had thought about safety first.

People with pre-existing injures are at even more risk for falls and the owners are just a liable for the harms that come to folks with pre-exiting injuries as those who have never been hurt before. The bottom line is - if you or someone you know has been hurt in a fall that you think is the fault of a negligent property owner, call us today for a FREE CONSULTATION. 405-525-1900.


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