Semi-Truck Accidents

At Mark Wilson Law we are passionate about protecting victims of Trucking accidents, especially those involved in semi-truck or tractor-trailer accidents. These 18-wheeler accidents almost always result in catastrophic injury or death and often, the victims are lucky if they are able to ever fully recover. Oklahoma City and the metropolitan areas of El Reno, Norman, Moore and Shawnee, Oklahoma are right in the center of the crossroads of America. Major interstates crossing Oklahoma intersect right in heart of Oklahoma City with thousands of pounds of cargo running up and down our interstates every minute of the day and night. Many times the drivers of these trucks are tired and pushed by their company to drive greater distances and work more hours than they should in order to put profits ahead of the safety of all of us on the roadway.

We hold the driver of the semi-truck, the trucking company, the manufacturer of the semi-truck, the parts suppliers, as well as other negligent drivers accountable for their negligent acts and injuries to you and your loved ones. We are experienced Oklahoma trial lawyers standing by to take your Oklahoma trucking accident case all the way to State or Federal Court to win!

Each accident or crash is unique, and the expertise beginning with your accident investigation starts the first time you call our central Oklahoma office. We contact the trucking company, send out letters demanding they preserve evidence. With over a decade of experience we have the expertise and the legal background to tackle the most complicated trucking cases, including cases with violations of the federal trucking regulations.

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