Soft-Tissue Injuries

From what seems like a simple slip or trip and fall at a parking lot or in a restaurant, or because of a sudden and unexpected movement in an accident-even if there are no obvious broken bones-several hours after your adrenaline has worn off you may begin to feel the first signs of a trauma or what medical professionals call an "insult" to the body. We begin to feel pain and start to notice "edema" or swelling in areas that have been hit, pushed, or pulled in ways that we do not normally move. Muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other parts of your body can be stretched, torn and bruised to a point that they may take weeks, months, and sometimes never recover. What medical professionals call "soft-tissue" injuries are anything in your body that is not bone-your brain, your muscles, tendons, ligaments, basically everything that keeps you alive is made of "soft-tissue". 

People don't often die from a broken arm or leg, but soft-tissue injuries can be more devastating, sometimes creating life-long pain and suffering.

Anyone can have a soft tissue injury. falling on a wet floor, automobile or semi truck collisions or trucking accidents, are typical causes of soft tissue injury. It does not matter if you are physically fit, or are not very active- the simple truth is that we are all susceptible to soft tissue injuries, in fact the more severe the force, the more likely we are to have soft tissue injuries.

Don't let the insurance adjuster, their defense attorney, or their so-called "independent medical exam" defense doctor fool anyone when they say it's only a "soft-issue injury." If someones negligence has caused your soft tissue injury, see your medical provider and then call us for a free consultation 405-525-1900.


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