Ask your lawyer what is the most important thing that you need to do as an injury victim?
If they tell you anything other than "See a doctor and follow their instructions" you may not have the right lawyer!

With all the bills, paperwork, exams and appointments, it is easy to lose sight of the single, most important part of your recovery —make sure that you heal. Many injury victims suffer needlessly for the rest of their lives all because they didn’t make healing their number one priority. You only get one chance to try to recover from an injury. Should you decide to consult with an attorney -remember this- It is important to work with a firm whose number one priority is helping you get better— physically, emotionally, and financially.

We know exactly how to help you through the process of healing - and then we help you take care of the financial aspects of the recovery from accident. Call us right now at 405-525-1900. We are available to come to you or set up a time to visit us in our Oklahoma City office. We look forward to hearing from you!