Injured In An Auto Accident?

Injured In An Auto Accident?

Regardless of what caused the accident, you can be confident in Attorney Mark Wilson.

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Accidents Are Completely Avoidable

Accidents Are Completely

Even the most cautious driver could be involved in an accident!

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Insurance Companies Could Deny You

Insurance Companies
Could Deny You

You would think insurance companies are there to help you and pay your claims. Think again!

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Your Case Is Our Case

Your Case Is Our Case

If you have been injured, you will need to contact an injury attorney for legal guidance.

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Oklahoma City Auto Accident Attorney

Mark Wilson Law: Your Case is Our Case

Most people never expect to find themselves in need of an attorney, but often life has other plans. A personal injury or an unexpected car accident can occur without warning and leave us stunned. Sometimes we find ourselves needing to assert our rights to protect our financial, physical, and emotional security.

At Mark Wilson Law, we know the startling effects an unforeseen personal injury can have on our clients. Our firm takes each case as personally as you do, offering individualized and customized representation for all our cases. We are dedicated to providing the knowledge, experience, confidence, and integrity your case deserves.

Strong Advocate for Your Legal Concerns

For nearly 10 years, Mark Wilson Law has offered the strong advocacy needed to protect the life and liberty of our clients. Whether you are pursuing an auto accident injury case or another legal matter in state or federal courts, our firm is committed to maintaining our clients' legal rights.

Recognized Experience and Acumen

Our founding attorney, Mark Wilson , has the recognized experience and acumen your case needs. He has been admitted to the Criminal Justice Act Panel for the Western District of Oklahoma. This select group of lawyers is appointed by the Federal Public Defender's Office to defend indigent defendants who are accused of a federal crime. Only attorneys who measure up to a strict set of standards can be admitted to this benevolent and accomplished group.

We Embrace the Facts and Proactively Investigate

Insurance companies, plaintiffs, and prosecutors can all be guilty of refusing to acknowledge pertinent facts in order to deny liability or formulate speculative charges. At Mark Wilson Law, we make it a point to properly investigate and ascertain all the details of our clients' cases.

From your first initial case consultation, we can discuss all the elements of your case and lay out the options available to you. We take into account all the relevant facts, as well as your questions and concerns when constructing your representation.

Mark Wilson Law is Consistently Attentive to Your Needs

Our firm realizes that issues with any type of case don't always arise during business hours, that's why we make ourselves available to our clients day or night, 24/7. This consistent attentiveness to all aspects of our clients' needs enables us to provide the most dedicated and beneficial representation possible in their legal matters.

If you have any questions regarding your auto accident or personal injury concerns, contact Mark Wilson Law today!